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01 Performance

Investment pipeline

The CEFC is active in the market, with our specialist Investment team working with a range of project proponents and potential investors to accelerate investment in clean energy projects.

Investment Commitments

An important part of this market engagement is to increase understanding about the technologies and solutions available to reduce emissions and lower energy consumption.

This has contributed to a robust pipeline of opportunities. At 30 June 2018, the CEFC was considering more than 120 potential investment opportunities. Together, these projects are seeking more than $8.5 billion in CEFC finance, representing total investment value in excess of $52 billion.

We recognise that not all these projects will ultimately be financed by the CEFC, either because they secure private sector finance, are deferred, or do not meet the investment requirements of the CEFC. Nevertheless, this pipeline is a strong signal of broad investor and business confidence in the positive potential of clean energy technologies and projects.