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Transforming infrastructure Australia wide

We support best practice and market leading design, construction and operations.

$450M Infrastructure Commitment
The infrastructure sector accounts for almost half of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions, driven largely by fossil fuel consumption in energy generation and passenger and freight transport. As institutional investors increasingly consider environmental, social and governance factors in their investment decisions, infrastructure owners face new challenges in the way they manage the energy profile of their assets.

As a specialist financier, we have committed $450 million to infrastructure projects to help drive investment decisions that lower emissions while meeting the evolving needs of investors.

We support best practice and market leading design, construction and operations, financing measures to enable an increased focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies at the individual asset level. This includes the development of investment policies which support net zero emissions outcomes.

We also encourage increased transparency around emissions performance, via asset-level energy and emissions performance reporting and benchmarking against internationally-accepted Science Based Targets.

The CEFC invests in infrastructure projects as part of the Sustainable Cities Investment Program.


$150M Infrastructure Commitment

The IFM Australian Infrastructure Fund has Australia’s largest portfolio of high-quality infrastructure assets including Ausgrid, Brisbane Airport, Melbourne Airport, Sydney’s Port Botany and the Port of Brisbane.The fund is targeting comprehensive and sustained improvements to the carbon footprint of the assets, while enhancing benchmarks and transparency around infrastructure emissions to deliver a step change in the emissions profile of infrastructure.


$150M Infrastructure Commitment

Leading alternative asset manager Morrison & Co launched a $1 billion growth infrastructure fund to spearhead clean energy standards across social and economic infrastructure assets. The fund will acquire and develop a diverse range of essential assets where there is potential for significant improvements in their energy efficiency profile. Assets may include hospitals, data centres, retirement and aged care accommodation, student housing and renewable energy.